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Data shows that Latinos cast the fewest votes among all US minority groups. After Republicans made alarming gains with Latinos in the 2020 elections, the Latino vote became even more critical for Democrats to keep their congressional majority in the midterms. To secure this important election, Way to Win, an organization that strives to create a multi-racial democracy in the US, approached Moira Studio to create a targeted messaging line for Latino audiences. These ads aimed to inform the community about the valuable economic benefits that Democrats provide for Latinos and encourage them to vote for Democrats in Congress.


While the Democratic agenda resonates with Latino values, the community still wasn’t aware that this was the party that was working the hardest to represent them. But in polls, once Latinos learned about the party’s policies, they identified themselves as democrats.

With these findings, we tapped into our people’s real voices and authentic language to reach the corazón of the community. Using our deep knowledge of Latino culture, we connected on the issues that matter to: 

  • Shed light on the laws that Democrats passed to benefit nuestra gente 
  • Showcase what the continuation of this work would mean for the community
  • Exhibit the shared values between the party and Latino culture
  • Emphasize the importance of securing a majority in 2022
  • Illustrate the negative consequences of voter apathy
  • Create a sense of care and pride in voting
  • Empower voters to seek representation
  • Unite Latinas of all ages on the topic of women’s rights


Our shared experiences brought us together. And when Moira presented the Democratic party’s work from a Latino lens, voters felt seen. Their struggles were recognized. Their achievements were valued. 

With this, Latino voters delivered important Congressional races to Democrats. The community’s turnout was key in clinching contentious races in Florida, Illinois, California, and Nevada – where Latino candidates made history and continue to work toward a better mañana.

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