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Voto Latino Power Summit

Voto Latino is a grassroots political organization focused on educating and empowering young Latinx voters. Created 15 years ago by Rosario Dawson it spans an impressive history of youth engagement and has attracted strong celebrity power.

Each year Voto Latino hosts the Power Summit, a conference to which youth organizers across the country meet each other and plan how to engage youth at their local level. The events team approached us wanting to create a special video for this year’s Summit. Not only was Voto Latino turning 15, but they wanted to urgently communicate the fact that the Latino vote has never been more important than in the 2020 elections.

The brief was short: a video that was “chingón” (which means “awesome”), said one of the team members. Something that resonated with the youth, and that could be played at every community event, every local chapter, everywhere a Latinx youth could be influenced and inspired. We decided to make a video by the youth and for the youth, and crowd sourced the content from every corner of the country – from a youth program in Boston’s Chelsea neighborhood, to community organizers in Texas, California, Florida, and many other cities. Real people, real voices, real feelings.

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