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Fellow Americans Biden / Harris 2020 Presidential Campaign

Securing the Latinx vote was incredibly important during the 2020 presidential campaign, and political analysts from both sides knew that. Politicians have known forever that voting does matter, and elections do have consequences. They also know that Latinx voters are part of the youngest and fastest growing electorate in the US. A record 32 million Hispanics were eligible to vote in 2020. However, Latinx voters aren’t sought after, at least not consistently. 

Finally, during 2020, strategists started applying a much higher level of focus to Latinx voters.

That’s how we were commissioned by Fellow Americans and the Biden Campaign to create a series of digital campaigns, microtargeting young Latinx communities in battleground states like NC, MI, WI, FL, AZ, PA.

It was a tricky situation. We had a global pandemic on our hands, and production capabilities were very limited. But as Latinx, “resilience” is our middle name! We rolled up our sleeves created a bilingual digital video campaign engaging the community on issues they care about. Giving a voice to those who wanted to have one, and to whom they would listen to - themselves.

The data says it all:

Overall, we can say that our ad strategy helped move the needle towards mobilizing voters for Biden. It attracted the Latinx women's vote by offering awareness, understanding, and hope. And above all, gave them a voice. 

The campaigns also created a positive movement among voters that care about social issues, including voters who did not vote in 2016, a younger generation of Latinx, and even influencing undecided Republicans’ decisions.

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