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At its core, the Smithsonian’s mission is not only to keep history alive, but also to empower us to reimagine a shared future through education. Through the Museum of the American Latino, the Smithsonian aims to fully represent America’s story through the eyes of those who helped build it. Learning about the contributions Latinos have made to the US paves the way for unity because as Americans, Latinos have and continue to work toward the country’s shared goals and dream of building a better future for generations to come. Because Latino history is American history. 

Driven by love, Latino history is American history

From our ancestors when they set the foundations of this country, to those who arrived throughout the centuries, love was the fuel that kept them going. Love for the land that nourished them, love for each other. Honoring those who came before us while carrying the hopes of generations to come. 

Latinos have helped write laws (Stat: 108 Latinos have served in Congress and 12 in the Senate), made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom (Stat: 1.3M Latinos are military veterans), and their hard work is one of the biggest drivers of the economy (Stat: U.S. Latino GDP is the fifth largest GDP in the world). Latino heritage enriches this country’s DNA, but many Americans, including Latinos themselves, may not know this. This is why the Smithsonian is proud to shed light on these American stories to promote understanding, pride, and unity, as we highlight the contributions, creativity and innovation of US-Latinos.

The Museum of the American Latino is a space where children and younger generations will hear their own voices and dream of the possibilities. While experiencing how Latino culture has been infused into the fabric of this country, they will feel seen and empowered to continue shaping the American future – a future that starts today. 

Join us, as we bring the country into a new paradigm where education and growth will inspire a more equitable society. Your investment in the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Latino is a celebration of visibility of all Americans, you’ll be building the threads that connect with our collective journey so we can build a stronger country - unidos

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