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For 30 years, Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (HOPE) has empowered Latinas to take on leadership roles in the public sector. Through innovative programs and advocacy, this organization has built trust and generated significant social media following.

But as HOPE’s audience grew, its communication needs evolved. This is when the organization reached out to Moira Studio to create a sophisticated social media strategy that would increase follower engagement.


With HOPE’s wide brand appeal, optimizing and elevating their social media strategy was an opportunity to inspire users to take action while building a strong digital community. As Moira helped expand HOPE’s online presence beyond California, the team created a comprehensive strategy and messaging deck that would resonate with the Latina experience through culture, social interests, and mission-driven support.

To achieve this, the Moira team:

  • Fine-tuned the brand voice to mirror the audience’s values
  • Unified HOPE’s visual elements to create a seamless user experience across platforms
  • Established goals and tracked KPIs
  • Narrowed content topics to three main buckets that would maximize engagement
  • Identified the ideal posting schedule for HOPE’s audience
  • Tapped into bilingual user generated content to increase reach
  • Featured HOPE members’ success stories as social proof
  • Partnered with key influencers to enhance brand awareness


After only six months of implementation, the new social media strategy yielded impressive results. In this short amount of time, LinkedIn engagement grew by a whopping 295%. This created a whole new audience for HOPE, while also strengthening their existing presence. 

In this same period, Facebook impressions increased by 82% and Twitter engagement went up by 81%. Overall HOPE’s combined engagement jumped by 18%, allowing the organization to expand its reach across all platforms and serve a larger number of Latinas throughout the United States.

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