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Giving tween girls a unified voice across the web

A Florida based nonprofit focused on the empowerment of young girls, GirlFuture, needed a wide reaching campaign to engage girls ages 8 to 12, their parents, and retail stores; expressing in a creative and meaningful way that “tweens” were not happy with the fashion trends put forth by popular retailers. A research company helped the organization gather all the data necessary, proving that the majority of girls didn’t think their shopping options were appropriate for their age. But, tweens aren’t interested in numbers and percentages, this demographic needed something a lot more tangible, something they could connect with. Part of our challenge was to translate all the data into images that girls could understand and identify with, as well as retail stores. So, we made an infographic that would resonate with our audience and be a catalyst for change among the shops that were selling inappropriate clothing, coupled with a communications strategy, including an article on the popular Buzzfeed website, that would spread its message and invite the audience to participate with the hashtag #mytweenstyle.

We combined a social media strategy utilizing paid advertising in Facebook and Instagram, and an organic influencer approach on Twitter with a Public Relations component based on outreach to pertinent publications, found after an analysis of our audience and market research. Our efforts on social media were notably successful, not only resulting in high engagement rates, but increasing the organization’s follower base and the visits to their website by 277%. Tweet impressions increased by 1,398% while the Instagram ads obtained a 24% engagement rate with positive comments in line with brand copy and tone.

Thanks to our public relations strategy Girl Future was featured on girl clothing blogs, such as Bright Girls and Twirly Girl, and the campaign was promoted through their social media channels as well, adding to brand awareness and establishing the organization as a credible and reliable source.

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