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Bringing important issues to light

Greater Boston Latino Network approached us as a new organization. They were uniting to bring Latino issues to the government’s table, and for this, they needed an identity.

We created a logo and identity that encompassed the feeling of a network made up of organizations of many different walks of life, which come together to work on one cause.

The issue they wanted to bring up to the surface was the lack of Latino representation in the state of Massachusetts. They had spent more than a year creating a research piece that highlighted this issue. We created a booklet that illustrated the paper, and unified it with the new identity, making it stand out.

The result was a success – the booklet was praised for illustrating a difficult topic and making it easy to read. As a result of all GBLN’s efforts, the mayor of Boston named an officer in charge of diversity in the government – and even though there are still ways to go, the impact has been made.

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