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A Campaign from the Heart

Produced in partnership with Three Point Media, Moira Studio created a successful campaign video for Delia Ramirez – who went on to become the first Latina Congresswoman in the Midwest.  With Delia’s community involvement as the focus of the piece, Moira’s strategy was to highlight the candidate’s love and care for the people she serves. And in a district that was predominantly Latino and running against another Latino candidate, it was important to position Delia as a Latina woman for the job.  Through heartfelt testimonials, Delia’s supporters endorsed her with the same passion that she showed when advocating for them. When interviewed, people in Delia’s district spoke of her devotion to the community, her valuable service since the age of 18, and her accomplishments in the nonprofit sector.  These authentic interviews truly resonated with Delia’s constituents. Support poured at the ballots and, thanks in part to the video, Delia was able to beat the opposition by 42 points. 

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