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United We Dream Contamos 2020

United We Dream is the largest immigrant youth-led community in the country. In 2020 they partnered with the Census Bureau and a coalition formed by hundreds of organizations to stress the importance of these youth to be counted in the Census. Census data is used to allocate billions of dollars into important resources such as health care, workforce and food assistance, infrastructure, education, as well as political representation. All of this sounds great, but if some of this technical messaging sounds dry to most of us; imagine how Gen-Z’ers would feel.

So we got to work – how to turn (Census = boring) information into (Census = fun and engaging)? We launched a comprehensive organic and paid campaign based on parodies, pop culture topics and themes that this demographic most often reacts to. Most importantly: it had to be in bilingual, and culturally appropriate – the topics that work for english speakers do not work on spanish speakers and vice versa. We came up with different solutions: We created a telenovela (soap opera) series in which the actors discussed all the different ways in which the Census was important. Then we paid homage to our favorite villain: Soraya Montenegro (¡lárgate!)

We made cooking videos showcasing how easy it was to fill out the Census. (Have you tried a mangonada before? So good.) We infused a different style into that all-dreaded explainer. Then we unleashed a slew of bilingual memes, all of which had our audience ROFLing about, shockingly, Census content.     The campaign is still being rolled out as we speak, nationally targeting 18,541,089 constituents who are immigrants in the target states of New Mexico, Texas, Florida, California, Colorado, New York, North Carolina, Washington, and Georgia. We’ll be back with final numbers, but so far the campaign has been one of the most successful in engaging the immigrant youth. And the best part, working on this has us living our best life.

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