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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Massachusetts (BBBSEM) was celebrating their 75th anniversary and hosting their 25th annual Big Night fundraising event. The challenge was to commemorate these important milestones with cohesive event branding that celebrated both anniversaries for BBSEM and inspired the organization’s donors to continue supporting their mission.


To create a memorable experience, Moira Studio partnered with BBBSEM’s event planning agency to develop a “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame'' theme that would pay tribute to the donors and partners who have helped shape BBSEM over the years.  

Inspired by vintage Hall of Fame imagery, Moira’s creatives developed a bold event brand identity that would pair well with the evening’s main performer: Billy Idol. And to enhance the vintage feel with modern flair, Moira’s designers also incorporated touches of gold to the brand elements.

The team furthered their creative vision by designing invitations resembling vinyl records, crafting one-of-a-kind sponsor gift bags, and producing dynamic event collateral. These efforts unified the brand, leaving a lasting impression on attendees. The visuals included captivating images for TV screens, oversized vinyl discs recognizing the funders as Hall of Famers, eye-catching directional posters, and dinner menus.

A key centerpiece of the event was the creation of two timelines: one showcasing the 25 years of Big Night and the other highlighting the 75 years of BBBSEM. These giant displays allowed attendees to follow the successes and milestones of the event and the organization, fostering interaction and reaction throughout the night.


The Big Night event was a resounding success, raising an impressive $2.3 million dollars in just one night. Bringing the brand and theme to life played an important role in the organization’s fundraising efforts. With this marketing push, BBBSEM showcased its commitment to the community and to making a continued difference in the lives of the children of Eastern Massachusetts. The support received demonstrated the effectiveness of the chosen strategy, a branding approach that delivered a significant win for BBBSEM.

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