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When Latino creatives collide – the making of “Identity Matters”

S. 7 . Ep. 74 | Apr 01 2024

This is a very special and personal episode. Moira Studio, our production agency recently partnered with 10×10 Studios to produce a series of videos about the not-so-talked-about aspects of our shared Latino experience. The result? So many unexpected off-camera conversations, healing, and much more. In this episode Carlos Bido, founder and CEO of 10×10, and Clemencia discuss the journey to creating this series, the mental obstacles of revealing the fear and vulnerability of our true selves to others, having tough conversations, and of course, all the technical and creative aspects of a production of this scale. For anyone interested in hearing what goes behind the scenes when creating an advertising campaign, and for all Latinos/as/es in the production field, we see you, this is for you.

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