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The uphill battle for the Latino arts

S. 7 . Ep. 77 | Jun 10 2024

One of the many evolving aspects of Latino culture is the arts – music, dance, literature, poetry, visual, all of those beautiful things that we have carried from our countries, and now we apply our own flavor in this one. It’s in our opinion one of the ways in which we define our identity, therefore we should fight to preserve them and honor them. To do that, more Latino events need to happen and more Latino artists need to be supported. With us today is Vanessa Calderón-Rosado, the CEO of IBA Boston, an organization that has been pushing independent and local Latino artists for the past 50 years. She'll be sharing the challenges, the beauty, and the importance of preserving Latino culture in the US for community building, and for our arts not to disappear into the night.


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