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When Latino Creatives Collide

May 29, 2024

Behind the Scenes of “Identity Matters”

When it comes to creative projects, there are some that transcend mere professional collaboration to become personal journeys that echo our human experiences. “Identity Matters” is one of those projects – a documentary venture that sprung from the partnership of Moira Studio’s founder, Clemencia Herrera, and Carlos Bido from 10×10 Studios. But this venture wasn’t just about creating another project – it was a labor of love driven by stories that deserved to be told and needed to be heard.

In a recent episode of Chancleta Generation, Clemencia and Carlos share more about this creative alliance that evolved into a profound project celebrating richness and diversity. The result? A collection of Latino stories, each from a place of authenticity, vulnerability, and resilience. Both agencies approached this project with the kind of attention to detail, care, and respect that this topic deserves, ensuring that every aspect of the storytelling process was crafted with precision and empathy.

Join us, for a behind-the-scenes peek into “Identity Matters.”

Unearthing Untold Narratives

“Identity Matters” began as a spark. It was a simple idea that would capture the untold narratives of Latino experiences. Clemencia recalls the beginning of this creative journey: “We had to grab people on the street and ask them about what it meant to be Latino.” Little did the team know that these seemingly straightforward conversations would unearth layers of emotion and introspection.

As Clemencia and Carlos navigated through the filming process, the project took its own shape. When asking subjects how they felt about not having been taught Spanish at home or how it was to be different at their schools, interviewees became deeply moved. 

This is how “Identity Matters” became stories of belonging. And along the way, Clemencia and Carlos crafted a piece that grapples with cultural nuances, giving viewers a glimpse of identity amidst the social expectations that surround US Latino heritage. As a window into the Latino experience, “Identity Matters” puts viewers in our shoes to foster understanding and build bridges toward healthier relationships as Americans. 

The Power of Authenticity

What sets “Identity Matters” apart is its authenticity, a cornerstone of effective documentary storytelling, and how Moira and 10×10 approach all our projects. The interviewees were not actors or paid participants. They are real people delving into their real experiences.

Central to the project’s success was the composition of the team – a full Latino crew that experienced the nuances of the subject matter. “Production can be very stressful,” Carlos admits. “But we understood where our interviewees were coming from.” It was this ability to create a safe space for a shared vulnerability that paved the way for the genuine storytelling of “Identity Matters.

“You walked into the studio and we were playing Bad Bunny and merengue, speaking Spanglish”, remembers Clemencia. The shared heritage between the participants and our crew created a sense of familiarity, “from when we first reached out to them all the way to the end, we were there to support their experience and uplift them. We weren’t taking advantage of them – which is a big thing that Latinos experience.” According to a study by Statista, 35% of Latinos feel taken advantage of by brands and organizations.

Navigating Cultural Complexity

Latinidad isn’t monolithic. It’s a kaleidoscope of identities, each unique yet interconnected. “We’re here and we’re multi-generational…it tends to be a complex conversation,” Carlos acknowledges. 

Often, interviewees’ answers reflected a variety of experiences. Within those seemingly individual recollections, there was a unifying concept: the importance of identity. 

As Clemencia points out, the process led those who were being interviewed to deeper realizations: “Who am I here? Because I am a circle trying to fit into a square peg for the whole time. My family has also been trying to fit into the square peg, and none of us fit because my dad is a triangle and my mom is a hexagon.”

The Opportunity for Brands and Organizations

The appetite for authenticity has never been more pronounced than it is today. It’s within this interest that brands and organizations can connect with diverse audiences on a more personal level. 

“Identity Matters” serves as a compelling case study, showcasing the power of genuine storytelling within the Latino community. Because the best marketing is segmentation, understanding the intricacies of Latino culture and its intersection within broader American society is key for brands seeking to tap into this market. And as one of our interviewees said “Latinos should be creating stories that are meant for other Latinos”

From the challenges of assimilation to the vibrancy of the Latino melting pot, “Identity Matters” is more than just narratives. It’s a window into a world often overlooked or misrepresented in the media.  

A Celebration of Diversity

At its core, “Identity Matters” honors culture, diversity, and the human spirit. For Clemencia, Carlos, and their teams at Moira and 10×10, the mission is to do more work that unites individuals around the country. It’s about amplifying Latino voices, fostering a collective dialogue, and bridging divides through shared narratives.

In a society that’s hungry for connection, the stories of “Identity Matters” empower us to embrace our true selves. Want to do the same for your audience? Reach out to Moira Studio today and discover the power of collaboration with an authentic team that celebrates the unwavering spirit of the Latino community.

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