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November 03, 2022

In other words, don’t let others decide the outcome of things that are important to you.

November 8th is around the corner. It’s time to vote! We need to take our future into our own hands.

As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now”.

Yes, although we all have different dreams, needs, and beliefs, the bottom line is that everybody, Latinx or not, wants the same things.

We all want opportunities, safe neighborhoods, good schools, affordable health care, a healthy planet and environment, and the opportunity to share in the American dream.

Whether Latinx or not, Republicans and Democrats, also share principal concerns, like the economy, immigration, and safety.

But is it truly that simple?

Let’s dissect that:

 Pew Research Center recently found that for Latinx registered voters, the top issue affecting their vote ahead of this fall’s midterm election is the economy, followed by health care, violent crime and gun policy, and education. Poll results are not very different if you ask white voters!

It would then seem that our differences are nothing more than a method to achieve goals or solve problems, but let’s be clear here. We are a minority enduring many socioeconomic disparities. We still suffer discrimination, racism, and health and salary inequalities.

Latinx still seem to be leaning toward the Democrats, although the difference has been thinning. Among white, non-Hispanic voters, about half  (51%) say they would vote for the Republican candidate in their district, while 38% would vote for the Democratic candidate. However, among Latinx voters nationwide, 53% plan to vote for their district’s Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives, and 28% plan to vote for their district’s Republican candidate in the 2022 elections, according to a recent poll from the Pew Research Center. (Of course, polls are not the law of the land, but they give an idea.)

Yes, traditionally, we have been leaning Democrat, and there are good reasons for that.

For decades, Latino leaders have worked side by side with Democrats on issues that affect us all, and running on platforms -still today- that have been promoting (and many passed):

  • Medicare For All
  • The Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA)
  • Immigration Reform
  • DACA
  • And last but not least, thanks to the Democratic agenda, a $1 trillion package infrastructure bill that will create 2 million jobs in the next 10 years (this one just passed). 

“SO WHAT?” you might ask.

The answer is simple: Are we going to let Republicans put a spoke in our wheels?

We’ve come a long way and are not stopping now!

We need to realize that “An increase in the share of Hispanic voters could swing a state toward Democrats.” (Vox)  That is why our vote is so important. The takeaway from an NBC/Telemundo poll is relatively simple: Latinx voters are becoming a vital part of swing voters.

We have a lot of Latino voters who are on the fence,” said Carlos Odio, the co-founder of Equis. “Latinos are Americans, and Americans are split,” he said. 

Right? Well, perhaps somewhat, because we all know by now that we are Latinx, and the Latinx community is incredibly diverse.


Dale, dale, dale, no pierdas el tino, porque si lo pierdes, ¡pierdes el camino!

If you want to hit the piñata and get the goodies, in this case, you need to stay focused and vote!

An effective vote is an informed vote. The opposition is trying to blindfold us like when you hit a piñata, to push us in another direction.  But it turns out, the one who’s blindfolded is the opposition!

That’s because we are a complex group, difficult for mainstream political parties to grasp.

Suppose you want to be an activist, and you want to encourage more Latinx to vote. A  one-size-fits-all campaign won’t work.  As Latinx, we each have our own story. We come from different Latin American countries, with our own values and  economic and political backgrounds. We do not come from the same mold. Nor were we born the day we arrived here. Each person’s experience in the USA is a personal one.

What works for some Latinx groups of people might not work for others. Latinx have different points of view, depending on their country of origin and where they live now. Whether you are a Baptist in Southern Texas, of Cuban descent in Florida and receptive to anti-socialism messaging, an entrepreneur in Arizona, a Catholic Mexican from inner-city L.A, a third generation Mexican-American from Texas, a Puerto Rican from Boston, a recently arrived Colombian in Chicago, young, old, woman or man, and so on. The combinations are endless as are the experiences and points of view! It’s no wonder we have issues that mainstream America doesn’t see the same way.

The bottom line is that we must stay informed and vote to have A REPRESENTATIVE THAT UNDERSTANDS US AND LISTENS

Recent studies from the PRC and a Washington Post-Ipsos survey found that most Latinx say Democrats care about them and work hard for their vote. Far fewer say this of the GOP!

We need to get involved in these elections and have our voice heard. Wouldn’t you agree

We work and are part of the richness of this country.  We must fight for that status. We pay taxes and deserve to get the services those taxes pay.


Ok, we are in the same boat, let’s act like it. 

This year is particularly concerning because of the near 50/50 division in Congress. If the Democrats lose even one seat in the Senate, many of the laws and initiatives that would benefit our families, like health care and fighting climate change—to give a couple of examples—may be lost. These are initiatives that Republicans do not want, so these and other progressive laws would not pass.

And most importantly, we must remember that nothing is guaranteed, not freedom and not our rights! If we were to lose either, , they would be hard to get  back, maybe impossible.

Even if you are not eligible to vote, there is a lot you can do to get involved and help the Latinx community move forward and thrive. Listen to our podcast episode about the collective power of the Latinx community, and find ways to get involved.

We can fight for this together! Come and listen to our discussions on our weekly podcast episodes. Visit Moira Studio and subscribe to our channel on your favorite streaming app for weekly conversations about politics and Latinx.

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