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Adapting to change

September 03, 2020

Change is the only constant.


By now, we all know our lives and businesses have been disrupted by this pandemic. 

As the joke goes: 

“Can we reinstall 2020? The current version has a nasty virus…”

Well, the fact is, we can’t. We cannot change the cards we are dealt; we can now only rethink how we play them.


Like in all industries, many of our clients were directly affected by all these sudden changes and of course, we were not exempt either and had to adapt to a new and fast changing business model.

For a good chunk of time, we could not have long term plans, we had to only look at what was happening from one day to the next. On top of that, more and more interactions between businesses and audiences are now happening online, and everyone has had to be able to change and even reinvent themselves on a short notice.

We’re all walking the same path and assessing our client’s needs almost on a daily basis to adjust how we work, as we help them also adapt to their new reality. We’re not going to lie, it’s been a challenge, but it certainly has its rewards.


Challenges are also opportunities. And we made sure we’d be there for our clients, no matter what.

We talked, and we listened. Together, we found new ways to work, and we grew stronger. Not only as businesses, but also as members of the community by building stronger connections:


  • We helped IBA promote its first virtual festival achieving over 50k views across social media
  • We filmed our first political ad through zoom
  • We eased our production clients to a seamless transition working with the remote tools and processes we already had in place  



You know us Latinx, we are resilient, we support each other, we care, we know that at the end it’s all about human connection.

 Despite the challenges, this crisis has shown us that we all gained new skills, and there are likely to be lasting positive effects in our line of work. This makes it hard to imagine that we will be all going back to exactly the same way of doing business.  


Here are a few lasting lessons we learned from the past 6 months: 

  • Be even more creative when it comes to online presence 
  • Remain ahead of the curve investing in the latest processes and communication tools
  • Always work hard to strengthen communications across the board 
  • Don’t be afraid of making some decisions on the fly
  •  It is ok to make mistakes even when thousands of people are watching on a live feed
  • You can only learn when you’re faced with the toughest challenges


We know organizations and initiatives that work to engage with the Latinx community are still struggling to navigate COVID times. We can help, let’s talk!


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