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When a project becomes personal

July 24, 2020

By Clemencia Herrera, Founder and Creative Director at Moira Studio



When it comes to political advertising, many agencies make great ads, but the polls and Latinos in the street are saying that the majority of these ads are not speaking to them. To be able to create something that resonates, cultural experiences and nuances need to be considered and that is not something you gather from data, it’s something you grow up with, it’s something you breathe. That’s exactly what Moira Studio brings to the table.

There is a true need for good advertisement when we talk about Latinos. Clients and US agencies pour all of their efforts on creating campaigns for the general market and then just translate those into Spanish. Spanish speakers think differently, perceive things differently, we have a different sense of humor, we have a different approach to day to day situations. That is something you cannot just “translate”.

“Mi Familia Vota” knows this and they’re determined to put their money where their mouth is by launching the $10M campaign #BastaTrump to boost Latino voter turnout. Latinos are strong in numbers but they cannot be reached the same way you reach other demographics, we need to have them feel that we’re talking TO THEM, on a deep level. Moira Studio has a long history of making political ads for the Latinx Community so it was a no brainer when The Hooligans and Fireside Campaigns asked us to collaborate on the video for the launch of this nationwide campaign. It was crucial to have a team with the right insight for this ad to resonate amongst the Latinx Community.

As a 1st generation Latina immigrant myself, I felt that I had the responsibility of showing my people why voting is so important. Show them why all of us can choose our own future but also make them understand we earned it, we earned the right to be heard, to be important. We all came here and had to fight for what we have. Nothing was given to us, we studied, we worked hard, we became citizens, we are now an active part of this country and we need to start believing our voices are as important as everyone else’s.

When this launched on July 9th, it quickly went viral reaching over 320k views across all platforms and numbers keep going up – as does our hope for a much needed change. The reason why the end result of this video is so strong, is because it’s personal. From writing down memories of mine and my family’s path in this country, to wiping away tears while looking at the footage to produce this video. So many memories would come back, I realized I had to do my part and channel all those feelings into creating something powerful. This video is made out of all those feelings, all those very personal stories where, in one way or another, every Latinx can see themselves. And it’s because of great partnerships like the ones we have with “The Hooligans”, “Fireside Campaign” and of course “Mi Familia Vota” that a powerful message can now be heard and understood by so many.


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