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The Agency Becomes the Client

The Agency Becomes the Client

Political ad agencies need to rely on more than just their work to prove their capabilities. This realm is about credibility and facts, basically, what the media says about your work is just as important as the work itself. Our client came to us wanting numbers and easily identifiable results.

But nobody wants to just read quotes. To make their point come across we needed to create a complete identity to wrap around the facts.

We started with their logo and made some updates, and then we started to come up with new elements that would work in print and in motion – the mediums they offer to their clients.

Once we had a brand identity going, we dove into the website, making sure it was visually solid to compliment their own great visual work. To back up the aesthetics with facts we chose a testimonial approach, sprinkling in quotes that highlighted their success and provided the credibility they were looking for.