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Slinkies, Sporks, Odds and Ends

The stuff we do when nobody’s looking.

The stuff we do when nobody’s looking.

Client work is fun, but we like to do side projects to satisfy the more obscure parts of our brain. Here is a compilation that has no category, but expresses more of who we are.


That time we tricked everyone into thinking they could delete their past social media life through fancy (and for now impossible) technology.




On April Fool’s Day, we decided to “launch” a new app into the market, one that would let the user remove any unwanted person from past Instagram pictures. Our hook: keep your pictures, not the ex (insert relationship here). The landing page for the fake app brought a significant amount of traffic to our website, which led to potential clients checking out our work. Unfortunately, all of us received a few messages from friends, who were mad at us because the app wasn’t real. (We took this as good sign though, April Fools!).


Fake spot for Playstation — “Yes Sergeant Thumb!”

If you think you’re heavily invested during a Call of Duty battle, just think how your fingers must be feeling. In this fake ad for play station we imagined your fingers with personalities, who is the clumsy one? Do they have a leader? And what they would say during an intense gaming session.


Fake ad for Amnesty International — Who is more dangerous?

We like to use advertising as a tool for contributing to important conversations. Here is an example of a campaign we made up because we think it matters. Looking at what’s happening in our world, we were inspired to create this ad in order to increase awareness of how we sometimes direct our fears to the wrong creatures.