SBS Holland

Moira goes Dutch

Moira goes Dutch

A series of promos and graphic packages created for Dutch TV stations SBS6, NET5, and Veronica

Grenzeloos Verliefd (Love without Frontiers) Opening Titles

Grenzeloos Verliefd is a hugely popular Dutch show in which cameras follow Dutch nationals as they embark on the adventure of living in their foreign partner’s land. We didn’t want the viewers to just hear or see what the show was about it, we wanted them to feel it.  We wanted them to imagine what it is like being in a long distance relationship, keeping the flame alive through pictures, keepsakes and the dream of one day being together.  So we made a board where whimsical pictures live, combining live action and animation to create a field of mailboxes in the Argentinian pampas, flying cupid arrows in Uganda, and paper boats in Kenya. The show had a great reception and is now entering it’s 7th season.

Passion for Fashion Opening Titles

We were assigned to design an opening for a makeover show, without any live action. We took the elements our target audience loved the most and put them together in a seamless sequence.

So You Wanna Be a Popstar Opening Titles

Before The Voice or The X-Factor, was So You Wanna Be a Popstar, a singing competition that became a household name. For the contestants on this show, a lot was at stake. For the audience to understand this, we created visuals to represent the excitement being on stage and the chance of making their dreams come true.