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Rebranding KEZI Collections

Curious Meets Luxurious

Rebranding Kezi: Curious Meets Luxurious

Creative Director Olivia Ashjian knew she wanted to take her jewelry brand, Kezi Collections, to a place of its own where she could form a curated house of design. In an industry oversaturated with artists, we had to create a brand that would cut through the noise and speak directly to the women who identify with her unique pieces.

Kezi’s audience isn’t afraid to stand out or make a statement. It’s comprised of business women who value interesting, high-quality pieces that can be easily worn for both work and play. Her pieces garnered the most interest from women connected by a common theme: curiosity.

Our challenge was creating a brand that would allow these women to have a space to treat themselves. We wanted the world of Kezi—from its packaging to its website to its social channels—to be as dreamy and inspiring as the women who wear it.

We started this process by redesigning Kezi’s visual brand identity. We transformed her black & silver collaterals to a deep purple—a color associated with magic, fantasy, and in the mind of our own Creative Director, space! We made the logo easier to read and softened the lines by adding a lowercase “e.”


Unifying Kezi’s messaging was all about finding balance. We chose language that was whimsical and appealed to our audience’s sense of adventure while staying grounded. Ultimately, we created over 300 pieces of written, branded content throughout her website alone, including her jewelry collection names, individual piece names & descriptions, automated emails, and biography.

Producing high quality concept images to represent Kezi’s four distinct collections was key to upping her social media presence and positioning the website to compete with other luxury brands. In collaboration with Dina K. Photography, our team was involved with this shoot from start to finish in terms of creative direction, set-making, and costume design.





We did a deep dive on social media, considering how various sections of Kezi’s audience used and interacted with different platforms. Strategizing a way to differentiate the content on Facebook and Instagram, we highlighted different aspects of the brand on each while still remaining true to Kezi’s voice.

We focused on storytelling and showing Kezi “behind-the-scenes” on Facebook, and strategic creative direction on Instagram. The cohesive but contrasting art and photographs led to an increase in impressions by over 180%.

We also built a comprehensive ad strategy across both platforms for an effective website & product launch to a national audience of 14,000,000 people.






This project was, from start to finish, an endeavor in luxury. We pushed Kezi Collections into the target market Olivia hoped to connect to with glamorous imagery, comprehensive web-development, and keen insight on growing jewelry brands across social platforms. This project encapsulates our process from start to finish and we are so pleased that Kezi is now elevated across all of its channels.

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