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Can salmon dance flamenco?

Can salmon dance flamenco?

Norge, a Norwegian company that exports fish products, salmon in particular, to the rest of Europe, wanted to break into the Spanish market. But Spain has its own booming fishing industry. They asked us to find a creative way in.

We thought, what better way to get Norwegian fish into Spanish homes than to teach people how to cook with them? Capitalizing on Spain’s foodie culture and rich culinary tradition, we asked a few celebrity Spanish chefs to create recipes that featured Norge’s fish and incorporated local ingredients and techniques. We wanted simple recipes that anyone, from newbies in the kitchen to expert abuelas, could prepare and enjoy.

Then we featured our new Norwegian-Spanish fusion on a visually driven website.

Instead of burdening the home chef with lots of text, we created a visual search engine, driven by icons to indicate the character of each recipe: difficulty, length of time, occasion (Valentine’s Day, school lunch, etc.), the main Norge ingredient, and seasonal Spanish ingredients.

We also added exciting interactive features: some of our chefs uploaded videos of themselves preparing their recipes, and our visitors could create a profile to save their favorite recipes, leave comments, and upload their own videos.

The result? We created a Spanish community that embraced Norge’s imported fish. Salmon sales have been on the increase since then, with over 40,000 tons exported every year. The Norwegian counsil has named the salmon market in Spain: “A story of success.” (Source: Compendio Acuicultura y Pesca de España, Nov. 5, 2012)