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Can a brand make a community?

Can a brand make a community?

MoreKiwi, a TV production company, came to us with just a name and a new idea: they wanted to shift the focus of their projects to the Latin American community, to open discussions on current local and global issues that could lead to positive change.

To take MoreKiwi in the direction they wanted to go, we had to bring their diverse audiences together. We started with the logo. Instead of making it one static image, we came up with a design that could be presented slightly differently depending on its use.

We then took this flexible yet unified approach to the website. We designed a homepage that would highlight content, so MoreKiwi could highlight social issues and get discussions going. To solidify the sense of community MoreKiwi wanted, we included polls for users where they could give feedback on the kind of content they wanted to see.

In short, we gave MoreKiwi a brand with different routes of identification so they could attract a diverse audience. We also set a visual tone that reflected to balance they wanted to strike in their content: the perfect mix of serious news and entertainment, for everyone in the Latin American community.