JW’s and Marco Restaurant Brand Identity

Appealing to Two Sides of Tradition

Appealing to Two Sides of Tradition

Locally renowned Chef Jay Silva decided to combined forces with Marc Orfaly, one of Boston’s best Chefs and a James Beard Award nominee, on a new restaurant venture. Located in Winthrop, Massachusetts, the pair combine their restaurant expertise and familiarity with the area to create two sister restaurants – JW’s & Marco – that would appeal to the residents strong connection to their heritage and rich city history.

Each restaurant was designed to have its own take on traditional Italian fare – JW’s as a sit-down, upscale dining experience, and Marco as a family friendly, no-frills, take out pizzeria – Silva and Orfaly created two culinary experiences under one roof; and, they needed visuals that would give customers a taste of what to expect before the food even reached the table.

Inspired by historical survey artwork and the archival photographs that adorn the walls of JWs dining room, depicting Winthrop at the turn of the century, we designed a logo that would remind people of this era while the menu served as a fond reminder of the city’s cultural history through a combination of classic fonts and ornamental shapes.

In a more casual spirit, we used hand-drawn illustrations, the unexpected blue-white color scheme, and a large typographical logo to create a trifold menu that was simple, fun, easy to read, and – most importantly – would not get lost in the shuffle of the customer’s kitchen junk drawer.