Moira Studio

361 Newbury Street, Boston MA

Create Your Moira

During the time of the ancient Greeks it was believed that the three fates, or Moiras, decided destiny by spinning their threads.

For us, the image you want along with your narrative and audience perception all encompass your brand, this is your Moira. Our creative approach is uniquely catered to promote your story in just the way your audience needs.

When creating your Moira we look at every single aspect of your strategy, we study your public, we get to the foundation of your mission and build a concept that integrates all these elements in a comprehensive and engaging strategy.

We know that every project, like every person is different. Be it digital or print, design, engagement, campaigns, and anything else that your specific target identifies with, we thread all your elements together to define your Moira, the future you want for your brand.

Are you ready? Call or email us to get started. #whatsyourmoira

We were featured in the business section of the Bay State Banner.  Check us out here.

Clemencia Herrera
Founder / Creative Director

Clemencia has worked as an advertising art director in several countries, and has extensive experience using her ideas and design skills in traditional and digital media. With a solid strategy base, she knows how to combine all of the elements into a single story, and has received awards such as an Emmy, Promax, Maven, and a Pollie for her promotions and advertising.

Shika Lakshman
Content Manager

With a fondness for both correctly-placed semicolons and trivia nights, she loves the obscurities of the English language and of life. From business plans for first-time entrepreneurs to blog posts about international research studies, Shika’s experience has prepared her for any kind of content you might need.