How and When to get Involved

The idea of “corporate pride” refers to large companies co-opting the Pride movement as a profitable marketing tactic. In this blog, well examine when and how to involve your brand in a social cause.


Unfortunately, ad agencies still don’t know how to read clients’ minds. But you can choose a team that understands you and your vision! Let’s put our heads together—no complex technology needed.    

Women’s Month Team Feature: Capri DeBiccari

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Our final Women’s Month team feature is Capri DeBiccari–Moira’s Community Manager! Our newest team member is a strategic wiz who can craft content out of thin air.

Women’s Month Client Feature: Kate Hurley

Of all the dog eat dog industries out there, real estate is one of the most intense. To finish off our Women’s Month client features, the Moira Team interviewed Kate Hurley from O’Connor & Highland Realty. As the only female member on her team, she knows firsthand the impact that gender can have.

Women’s Month Team Feature: Sam Pinsky

Introducing our Junior Community Manager, Sam Pinsky, for week 3 of Moira’s Women’s Month feature! She can craft content for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Don’t let her see your social accounts if you don’t want her to take them over.

Women’s Month Client Feature: Ashley Paré

Moira’s next Women’s Month client feature is extra special. Ashley Paré noticed an absence of tools catered to empower women’s growth in the workforce. As a result, she founded Own Your Worth, a company dedicated to supporting women as they ask for raises and promotions or come across other difficult conversations in their career.

Work With Us!

Community Manager – Part Time If you are looking for a fun, all women team, never a dull moment environment, then you are the right person for this job. Though we are a boutique agency, we make up for our size in experience. Working with a wide variety of clients- from National Geographic and MTV… Read more »

Women’s Month Team Feature: Brianna Arrighi

For the second week of Women’s Month, we interviewed our fabulous and feisty Community Manager Brianna Arrighi. She’s a WordMaster who knows a thing or two about strategy and social outreach.

Women’s Month Client Feature: Elsa Mosquera Sterenberg

We interviewed Elsa Mosquera Sterenberg, the Arts Program Director at IBA. Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción is a nonprofit located in the South End of Boston that works to support Puerto Ricans and other Latinx individuals in Boston by developing affordable housing among other programs.